Sentence Examples

  • I'm going to get some of that pate, anybody want anything?
  • The specimens of " pate de verre " exhibited by A.
  • He immediately utilized the new method, and produced many beautiful examples of ~jewelled faience, having close, hard pate, yellowish-white, or brownish-white, glaze covered with a network of fine crackle, and sparse decoration in pure fullbodied colorsred, green, gold and silver.
  • Ao-Kutani, so called because of a green (ao) enamel of great brilliancy and beauty which was largely used in its decoration, and Kirtani with painted and enamelled pate varying from hard porcelain to pottery.
  • The chief of the former is faience, having light grey, close Izumc pate and yellow or straw-colored glaze, with or without erwle to which is applied decoration in gold and green enamel.

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