Sentence Examples

  • He was the first to celebrate in their full pomp the Isthmian games in honour of Poseidon; for the games previously instituted by Hercules in honour of Melicertes had been celebrated by night, and had partaken of the nature of mysteries rather than of a festival.
  • C and IC, as k was frequently written, would easily be confusedin writing, and Professor Hempl (Transactions of the American Philological Association for 18 99, pp. 24 ff.) shows that the Chalcidian form of y` - = developed into shapes which might have partaken of the confusion.
  • In the sacrament of the Lord's Supper it is the heavenly body of the God-man which is actually partaken of in the elements.
  • Having briefly spoken of the divine nature in the terms of Greek philosophy, Aristides proceeds to ask which of all the races of men have at all partaken of the truth about God.
  • Hence the rule not to eat meats strangled, except in sacramental meals when the god inherent in the animal was partaken of.

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