Sentence Examples

  • P their corners pared off by rubbing against each other; and two species of matter thus arise, - one consisting of small globules which continue their circular motion with a (centrifugal) tendency to fly off from the centre as they swing round the axis of rotation, while the other, consisting of the fine dust--the filings and parings of the original particles - gradually becoming finer and finer, and losing its velocity, tends (centripetally) to accumulate in the centre of the vortex, which has been gradually left free by the receding particles of globular matter.
  • He worked to apply a means test, pared the rolls back, then died; the rolls swelled again, and his successor again tried to bring them in line, but it was hard.
  • Of the chalk; and, on the sea-coast, where the waves have pared away
  • I have pared the devil 's nails forty times, roasted them in raven 's eggs, and cured agues with them.
  • The results will be com pared with that obtained from cross-sectional TEM.

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