Sentence Examples

  • We don't know if Quinn's paraphernalia has anything to do with your dreams.
  • It engages the ear more exclusively, and therefore it needs an accuracy and an elaboration of paraphernalia quite irrelevant to symphonic art.
  • The accuracy and the paraphernalia are equally exemplified in all Wagner's additions and alterations of the classical orchestral scheme, for these all consist in completing the families of instruments so that each timbre can be presented pure in complete harmony.
  • The Papal States were ruled by a unique system of theocracy, for not only the head of the state but all the more important officials were ecclesiastics, assisted by the Inquisition, the Index and all the paraphernalia of medieval church government.
  • Mazzini, who had learned te distrust Carbonarism owing to its lack of a guiding principle and its absurd paraphernalia of ritual and mystery, had conceived the idea of a more serious political association for the emancipation of his country not only from foreign and domestic despotisn~ but from national faults of character; and this idea he hac materialized in the organization of a society called the Giovani Italia (Young Italy) among the Italian refugees at Marseilles After the events of 1831 he declared that the liberation of Ital) could only be achieved through unity, and his great merit lie~

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