Sentence Examples

  • Banking on the fact that toy trains would be a marketable product if accessories and add-ons were made available, German manufacturer Marklin created a series of trains, tracks, and other train paraphernalia.
  • Pottery Barn Kids offers storage units for baby paraphernalia, as well as changing tables and adorable little décor touches such as a farmyard mobile, silver keepsake frames and wall letters.
  • Though older children will likely dismiss the show as silly and unrealistic, the middle school crowd might see Hannah as a powerful role model, and, hence, Hannah Montana paraphernalia is greatly desired by these youngesters.
  • We don't know if Quinn's paraphernalia has anything to do with your dreams.
  • In the next little work the framework, the whole paraphernalia of the ancient akhyana, is included in the work itself, which is called Udana, or "ecstatic utterances."