Sentence Examples

  • It is formed of pavement epithelial cells, mainly grouped in a concentric manner around the vascular papillae of the subcorneous integument, so that a section near the base of the hoof, cut transversely to the long axis of these papillae, shows a number of small circular or oval orifices, with cells arranged concentrically round them.
  • The stomach of the horse is simple in its external form, with a largely developed right cul de sac, and is a good deal curved on itself, so that the cardiac and pyloric orifices are brought near together.
  • 2) shows: the mouth (m), continuous on either side with the groove between the two series of tentacles; the anus (a), in the middle line, at no great distance from the mouth; a transversely elongated epistome (ep), between the mouth and the anus; and, in the concavity of the lophophore, the apertures of the nephridia (n.o.) which, according to De Selys-Longchamps, open into the two large sensory or glandular "lophophoral organs " the orifices of which are seen at gl.
  • The Hexapoda are all provided with a highly developed tracheal system, which presents considerable variation in regard to its stigmata or orifices of communication with the exterior.
  • Tracheae are essentially tubes like bloodvessels - apparently formed from the same tissue elements as bloodvessels - which contain air in place of blood, and usually communicate by definite orifices, the tracheal stigmata, with the atmosphere.

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