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  • By degrees the inhabited area began to comprise the open ground to the north-west, the nearer portion of the later Ceramicus, or " potters' field " (afterwards divided by the walls of Themistocles into the Inner and Outer Ceramicus), and eventually extended to the north and east of the citadel, which, by the beginning of the 5th century B.C., had become the centre of a circular or wheel-shaped city, 7rOXtos TpOXOEU OS ciKpa Kapnva (Oracle apud Herod.
  • Here, according to Alexander the commentator, he first brought: against Plato the argument of " the third man " (6 Tp ir os & vBpcvrros); that, if there is the form, one man beyond many men, there will be a third man predicated of both man and men, and a fourth predicated of all three, and so on to infinity (Fragm.
  • ZocearLKoL g XEyXoL: Sophistici Elenchi: On sophistic (roccaTLKOS) or eristic syllogism (EpLaTLKOS avXAoytapos), so called from the fallacies used by sophists in refutation (€AEy X os) of their opponents.
  • Again, it is not unlikely that the Politics was arranged in the traditional order of books by Theophrastus, and that this is the meaning of the curious title occurring in the list of Aristotle's works as given by Diogenes Laertius, rroXcTCKns IcKpoavEC.os ws OeocApa6Tov a'13'y'8'E'srrt', which agrees with the Politics in having eight books.
  • - Under the name of Aristotle, three treatises on the good of man have come down to us, Mica Nuco i tkaa (irpos NLKOµaXov, Porphyry), Howe, Eub ipta (7r Os Eiibjµov, Porphyry), and 'HBLKa µeyaXa; so like one another that there seems no tenable hypothesis except that they are the manuscript writings of one man.

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