Sentence Examples

  • Frazer both explain Pasiphae's monstrous union as a sacred ceremony (iepos yap,os), at which the queen of Cnossus was wedded to a bull-formed god, just as the wife of the iip X wv lwnXein in Athens was wedded to Dionysus.
  • But in OS measures index error can be eliminated by bisecting both stars with the same web (or different webs of known interval fixed on the same frame), and not employing the fixed web at all.
  • OMEN (a Latin word, either connected with os, mouth, or more probably with auris (Gr.
  • The height of Knight 's Peak is not given by the OS, so the SMC measured it with a " precision altimeter ".
  • It demonstrates the os acromiale, an unfused acromial apophysis.

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