Sentence Examples

  • They culminate in the peak of Dos-megen-ora at an altitude of 20,000 ft.
  • No reference to Cyprus has been found in Babylonian orA.ssyrian records before the reign of Sargon II.
  • According to the traditional account given in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, it was in 477 that a certain Ella (IElle) led the invaders ashore at a place called Cymenes ora and defeated the inhabitants.
  • Fahne, " a flag"), also called the orale (from ora, an edge, border).
  • He wrote many historical and geographical works, of which some seem to have been voluminous and of considerable value on account of the sources to which their author had access: (I)`Pwµai,u (2) 'AvvuptaKet: (3) (4) De Arabia sive De expeditione arabica; (5) Physiologa; (6) De Euphorbia herba; (7) IIEpi Ora: (8) IIEpl (IIEpi i'wypci wv): (10) ` Oµo&ornTEs: (II) IIEpi 400pas: (12) 'E?riypaµµa.

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