Sentence Examples

  • Armadillos are omnivorous, feeding on roots, insects, worms, reptiles and carrion, and are mostly, though not universally, Peba Armadillo (Tatusia novemcincta).
  • Wagner was always an omnivorous reader, and books were then, as now, both cheaper than music and easier to read.
  • That omnivorous universally credulous stage, which may be called the " legendary," was succeeded by the age of collectors and travellers, when many of the strange stories believed in were actually demonstrated as true by the living or preserved trophies brought to Europe.
  • (A and B from Lankester's Treatise on Zoology, part iv., C original.) of proglottides or of eggs which are disseminated along with the faeces of the final host and subsequently eaten by herbivorous or omnivorous mammals, insects, worms, molluscs or fish.
  • Both species are omnivorous, feeding voraciously on fruits and insects.

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