Sentence Examples

  • Immediately within the opening of the nostril, the respiratory canal sends off on its upper and outer side a blind pouch (" false nostril ") of conical form, and curved, 2 to 3 in.
  • The skull generally shows a slight depression in front of the socket of the eye, which, although now serving as the attachment for the muscle running to the nostril, may represent the face-gland of the extinct Hipparion.
  • The Gonds are the most numerous among the aboriginal tribes, but so great an intermixture has taken place between them and the Hindu races that they have lost their language and most of their ethnical characteristics, such as the flat forehead, squat nose, prominent nostril, dark skin, &c., and are scarcely distinguishable from the other classes of the Hindu labouring population.
  • (b) Nasal bones long, so as to be in contact with the premaxilla at the hinder corner of the nostril groove.
  • "Nostril," the external opening into the nose, is from O.Eng.