Sentence Examples

  • KIT-FOX (Canis [Vulpes] velox), a small fox, from northwestern America, measuring less than a yard in length, with a tail of nearly a third this length.
  • Manufacturing is largely localized in the northwestern part of the state along the Ohio river.
  • M., comprising half of Queensland, the Northern Territory, and the northwestern divisions of Western Australia.
  • They still inhabited the northwestern mountains of Elam, immediately south of Holwan, when Sennacherib attacked them in 702 B.C. They are the Kossaeans of Ptolemy, who divides Susiana between them and the Elymaeans; according to Strabo (xi.
  • North of the fiftieth parallel the depths diminish towards the north-east, two long submarine ridges of volcanic origin extend north-eastwards to the southwest of Iceland and to the Faeroe Islands, and these, with their intervening valleys, end in a transverse ridge connecting Greenland, through Iceland and the Faeroe Islands, with Northwestern Scotland and the continental mass of Europe.

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