Sentence Examples

  • 24 to the Moabite Chemosh (Kemosh); in 1 Sam.
  • Whatever the predominant party might think of foreign marriages, the tradition of the half-Moabite origin of David serves, in the beautiful idyll of Ruth (q.v.), to suggest the debt which Judah and Jerusalem owed to one at least of its neighbours.
  • Hauran and the Moabite hills to Horeb and the Midianite Mountains of the Hebrews, which run into Arabia.
  • 2 A typical example is afforded by the solitary representation of a Moabite (Perrot and Chipiez, Phoen.
  • To archaeology also his services were of equal importance, for, besides copying numerous inscriptions in the district between Hail and Tema, he succeeded in gaining possession of the since famous Tema stone, which ranks with the Moabite stone among the most valuable of Semitic inscriptions.