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  • And he's using that knowledge to his advantage... better disguises, changing his MO, carefully executing his abductions.
  • Mostly we're seeing strong similarities in crime MO, patterns and timing.
  • MOLYBDENUM [[[symbol]], Mo; atomic weight, 96 (0=16)] a metallic chemical element.
  • Nagel (Ber., 1898, 31, p. 2009), this oxide does not exist, the reaction leading to the formation of an hydroxide according to the equation: Mo 3 C1 4 (OH) 2 + 4KHO 3H 2 O = 3Mo(OH) 3 -l-4KBr+3H.
  • Molybdenum sesquioxide, Mo 2 O 3, a black mass insoluble in acids, is formed by heating the corresponding hydroxide in vacuo, or by digesting the trioxide with zinc and hydrochloric acid.

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