Sentence Examples

  • MOAB, the name of an ancient people of Palestine who inhabited a district E.
  • The national traditions of Israel recognize a close relationship between Moab and Ammon, "sons" of Lot, and the "brothers" Esau (Edom) and Jacob (Israel), and Moab is represented as already a powerful people when Israel fled from Egypt (Exod.
  • It was supposed that Moab, having expelled the aboriginal giants, was in turn displaced by the Amorite king Sihon, who forced Moab south of the Arnon (Wadi MOjib, a natural boundary) and drove Ammon beyond the Jabbok.
  • In its earliest form it was no doubt most closely allied to the Canaanite or Phoenician stock, to the language of Moab, as revealed by the stele of Mesha (c. 850 B.C.), and to Edomite.
  • Conflicting views are represented (on which see MoAB), but at length Shittim was reached and preparations were made to cross the Jordan into the promised land.

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