Sentence Examples

  • Throughout the northwestern region uniformity of features characterizes the scenery, betokening even at a distance the general monotony of structure.
  • Manufacturing is largely localized in the northwestern part of the state along the Ohio river.
  • M., comprising half of Queensland, the Northern Territory, and the northwestern divisions of Western Australia.
  • North of the fiftieth parallel the depths diminish towards the north-east, two long submarine ridges of volcanic origin extend north-eastwards to the southwest of Iceland and to the Faeroe Islands, and these, with their intervening valleys, end in a transverse ridge connecting Greenland, through Iceland and the Faeroe Islands, with Northwestern Scotland and the continental mass of Europe.
  • This tree, the "liard" of the Canadian voyageur, abounds on many of the river sides of the northwestern plains; it occurs in the neighbourhood of the Great Slave Lake and along the Mackenzie River, and forms much of the driftwood of the Arctic coast.