Sentence Examples

  • From Isfahan in a northwesterly direction and 13 m.
  • It has a northwesterly and south-easterly trend, and is nearly I m.
  • By the line of peaks of the Rocky Mountains range, which runs northwesterly, and divides it from British Columbia.
  • The same is true of the chains that coalesce with these near Cape Maisi and diverge northwesterly along the N.
  • There are three railway lines in operation in the state - one running from Victoria to Cachoeira do Itapemirim (50 m.), and thence, by another line, to Santo Eduardo in Rio de Janeiro (58 m.), where connexion is made with the Leopoldina system running into the national capital, and a third running northwesterly from Victoria to Diamantina, Minas Geraes, about 450m.

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