Boeotia Definition

bē-ōshə, -shē-ə
proper name
In ancient times, a region dominated by the city of Thebes (Greece): fl. from c. 600 b.c. until the destruction of Thebes in 336 b.c.
Webster's New World
Department of EC Greece, northwest of Attica.
Webster's New World

A district of Ancient Greece, formerly renowned for the proverbial stupidity of its inhabitants; now, a district in east Central Greece, situated on the peninsula, West of Euboea, North of Attica and Megaris, East of Phokis. Its present-day capital of the prefecture is Levadeia.

Dated form of Boeotia.
An ancient region of Greece north of Attica and the Gulf of Corinth. The cities of the region formed the Boeotian League in the sixth century bc but were usually under the dominance of Thebes.
American Heritage

Origin of Boeotia

  • From Latin Boeotia, from Ancient Greek Βοιωτία (Boiōtia).

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