Sentence Examples

  • The taste of your sweet nectar before I tear you apart?
  • The intimate connection, combined with her soft skin and nectar, would calm him.
  • Liszt, in after years when they had drifted apart, wrote of her: " George Sand catches her butterfly and tames it in her cage by feeding it on flowers and nectar - this is the love period.
  • It has been stated that when present in blossoms they feed on nectar, but it is more probable that there--as on the green parts - they suck sap. In any case, their presence in apple blossoms has been known to prevent the formation of fruit through injury to the essential organs of the flower, and some species do considerable damage to ears of corn.
  • Agave syrup or nectar is about 90% fructose, and is often used as a sweetener and a safe substitute for table sugar.

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