Sentence Examples

  • The singleneedle instrument is a vertical needle galvanoscope worked by a battery and reversing handle, or two " tapper " keys, the motions to right and left of one end of the index corresponding to the dashes and dots of the Morse alphabet.
  • For working " double current," two sets of accumulators are provided, one set to send the positive and the other set the negative currents; that is to say, when, for example, a double current Morse key is pressed down it sends, say, a positive current from one set, but when it is allowed to rise to its normal position then a negative current is transmitted from the second set of accumulators.
  • 14) introduced by Morse is still employed in the United States and Canada, and the international code in vogue in Europe differs only slightly from it.
  • The form of Morse recorder almost universally used in Europe makes the record in ink- ink, and hence is sometimes called the "ink-writer.".
  • A method of recording signals in the Morse code, formerly used to a considerable extent, was to use a chemically prepared ribbon of paper.

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