Sentence Examples

  • J To prove these, we may take fixed axes Ox, Oy, Oz coincident with the moving axes at time t, and compare the linear and angular momenta E+E, ~ ~ ?~+~X, u+u, v+~v relative to the new position of the axes, Ox, Oy, Oz at time t+t with the original momenta ~, ~ ~, A, j~i, v relative to Ox, Oy, Oz at time t.
  • Of which the last two express the constancy of the momenta ~s, p. Hence AdA sin OcosO~+v sinoI=MghsinO, ~ 2
  • Kinetics of a System of Discrete Particles.The momenta of the several particles constitute a system of localized vectors which, for purposes of resolving and taking moments, may be reduced like a system of forces in statics (~ 8).
  • Secondly, we have an angular momentum whose components are ~{m(y~z3)}, ~lm(z~xb)1, ~{m(xi?yi~)}, (2) these being the sums of the moments of the momenta of the several particles about the respective axes.
  • At the instant t+t5t the momenta of the system are equivalent to a linear momentum represented by a localized vector ~(m).(U+U) in a line through G tangential to the path of G, together with a certain angular momentum.

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