Sentence Examples

  • Epiphanes (163) he conquered Media, where he refounded the town"of Rhagae (Rai near Teheran) under the name of Arsacia; and about 141 he invaded Babylonia.
  • In 737 B.C. Tiglath-Pileser again marched into Media, and in 735 he invaded Ararat and wasted the country round the capital Van to a distance of 450 miles.
  • The direction of the wave in the first medium), and the normal to the surface separating the two media, at the point in which the incident ray meets it; (2) The sine of the angle between the normal and the incident ray bears to the sine of the angle between the normal and the refracted ray a ratio which is constant for the same pair of media.
  • The problem of the stresses in rarefied gaseous media arising from inequalities of temperature, which is thereby opened out, involves some of the most delicate considerations in molecular physics.
  • Had already conquered eastern Media, about Rhagae (Rai), and subjected the Mardi on the border of the Caspian (Justin 41, 5; Isidor.

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