Sentence Examples

  • - Gregory VII.'s immediate successors accomplished the most pressing work by liberating the Church from feudal subjection, either by force or by diplomacy.
  • Stewart (elected to serve out term) Democrat1857-18611 Thus liberating about 114,000 blacks, of a tax valuation of $40,000,000.
  • When the patriots of Buenos Aires had succeeded in liberating War of from the dominion of Spain the interior provinces of Independ- the Rio de la Plata, they turned their arms against their enemies who held Upper Peru.
  • These bacteria therefore employ SH 2 as their respiratory substance, much as higher plants employ carbohydrates - instead of liberating energy as heat by the respiratory combustion of sugars, they do it by oxidizing hydrogen sulphide.
  • The strongest influences in his development about this time were the liberating philosophy of Coleridge, the mystical visions of Swedenborg, the intimate poetry of Wordsworth, and the stimulating essays of Carlyle.

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