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  • Short, and keenly aware of the fact that she was overweight, Julia rarely missed an opportunity to point a finger elsewhere.
  • Supported by the influence of Louis Batthyany, after a keenly fought struggle he was elected member for Budapest in the new Diet.
  • 3 If the beasts can properly be said to see at all, " they see as we do when our mind is distracted and keenly applied elsewhere; the images of outward objects paint themselves on the retina, and possibly even the impressions made in the optic nerves determine our limbs to different movements, but we feel nothing of it all, and move as if we were automata."
  • The crisis was felt in the large cities more keenly than in the country districts, and in Melbourne more severely than in any other capital.
  • She had hoped by conciliation to arrive at an understanding which should have ranged the church among the conservative and not among the disruptive forces of the country, but she was keenly desirous to retain the papacy as a preponderatingly Italian institution, and was ready to make whatever formal concessions might have appeared necessary to reassure foreign Catholics concerning the reality of the popes spiritual independence.

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