Sentence Examples

  • The unphilosophical person assumes that a tree as he sees it is identical with the tree as it is in itself and as it is for other percipient minds.
  • In addition to the presentation of revived memories, and of "objectivation of ideas or images consciously or unconsciously in the mind of the percipient," there occur "visions, possibly telepathic or clairvoyant, implying acquirement of knowledge by supra-normal means."
  • To the question how all matter exists in dependence on percipient mind his only reply is, "Just how my reader pleases, provided it be somehow."
  • Thus his metaphysics is Leibnitzian, like that of Lotze, and yet is opposed to the most characteristic feature of monadology - the percipient indivisible monad.
  • He applies universal experience, as Schuppe does, to explain the unity of the object, and its independence of individual but not of universal experience, holding that the one sun, and the whole world of intersubjective intercourse, or the " trans-subjective " world, though " independent of the individual percipient as such," is " not independent of the universal experience, but the object of that experience " (ii.

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