Sentence Examples

  • You may have to be creative in your search terms, such as using "Christmas plates", "Christmas baby plates", etc. until you've hit the jackpot, but online auctions can yield troves of bargains!
  • Powerball jackpots are often some of the highest in the history of the lottery (with a minimum of a 20 million dollar pot) and the chance of winning the jackpot is about 1 in 195,249,054.
  • While you might hit the jackpot and discover the perfect bib at your local department store or baby supply shop, several websites offer coverall bibs and pocketed bibs.
  • You can also hit the jackpot with items that can be easily modified, like a white maternity skirt that you can dye green or jeans that you can add patches to.
  • When many people ask, "Where can I buy a car from a police auction?" they ask with hope in their voice because they think it's the used car jackpot.