Sentence Examples

  • According to our hypothesis, the foreign matter may be supposed to load the aether, so as to increase its inertia without altering its resistance to distortion.
  • Even with the particles retarding the motion of the aether, the same will be true if, to counterbalance the increased inertia, suitable forces are caused to act on the aether at all points where the inertia is altered.
  • These doctrines of inertia follow naturally from the geometrical analysis of Descartes.
  • It has a very large starting torque, which enables it to overcome the inertia of getting the load into motion, and it lifts heavy loads at a slower speed and lighter loads at a quicker one, behaving, under the action of the controller in a somewhat similar manner to that in which the cylinders of the steam crane respond to the action of the stop-valve.
  • The numerous adjustments required by the tapper and the inertia of the apparatus prompted inventors to seek for a self-restoring coherer which should not need tapping.

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