Sentence Examples

  • Even with the particles retarding the motion of the aether, the same will be true if, to counterbalance the increased inertia, suitable forces are caused to act on the aether at all points where the inertia is altered.
  • Consequently the inertia to overcome in moving the cylinder r=b, solid or liquid, is its own inertia, increased by the inertia of liquid (a2+b2)/(a2,..b2) times the volume of the cylinder r=b; this total inertia is called the effective inertia of the cylinder r =b, at the instant the two cylinders are concentric.
  • With #=o, the stream is parallel to xo, and 4)=m ch (n-a)cos = - Uc ch (n-a) sh n cos /sh (n-a) (22) over the cylinder n, and as in (12) § 29, =-Ux =-Uc ch n cos t, (23) for liquid filling the cylinder; and _ th n (14) 01 th (7 7 - a) ' over the surface of n; so that parallel to Ox, the effective inertia of the cylinder n, displacing M' liquid, is increased by M'thn/th(n-a), reducing when a= oo to /If' th n = M' (b/a).
  • The velocity of a liquid particle is thus (a 2 - b 2)/(a 2 +b 2) of what it would be if the liquid was frozen and rotating bodily with the ellipse; and so the effective angular inertia of the liquid is (a 2 -b 2) 2 /(a 2 +b 2) 2 of the solid; and the effective radius of gyration, solid and liquid, is given by k 2 = 4 (a 2 2), and 4 (a 2 For the liquid in the interspace between a and n, m ch 2(0-a) sin 2E 4) 1 4Rc 2 sh 2n sin 2E (a2_ b2)I(a2+ b2) = I/th 2 (na)th 2n; (8) and the effective k 2 of the liquid is reduced to 4c 2 /th 2 (n-a)sh 2n, (9) which becomes 4c 2 /sh 2n = s (a 2 - b 2)/ab, when a =00, and the liquid surrounds the ellipse n to infinity.
  • Denoting the effective inertia of the liquid parallel to Ox by aW' the momentum aW'U = 4)0W' (24) _ U i -AO' 25) in this way the air drag was calculated by Green for an ellipsoida pendulum.

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