Sentence Examples

  • Some pupae are thus more active than some nymphs; the essential character of a pupa is not therefore its passivity, but that it is the instar in which the wings first become evident externally.
  • This exaggerates the passivity of life, and does not sufficiently recognize that the higher organisms largely adjust external to internal relations and adapt their environment to their needs.
  • But little by little he succumbed to his milieu, the atmosphere of false confidence and passivity created around him by Alexeiev.
  • Even granting that some feeble remains of antique reserve may have contributed to this, and even although some of it is certainly to be set down to his disposition and temperament, still it was his religious passivity that here determined the character of Socrates and made him a typical example of the later Byzantine Christianity.
  • This "passivity" may be brought about by immersion in other solutions, especially by those containing such oxidizing anions as NO' 3, C10' 3, less strongly by the anions SO" 4, CN', CNS', C2H30'2, OH', while Cl', Br' practically inhibit passivity; H' is the only cation which has any effect, and this tends to exclude passivity.

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