Sentence Examples

  • By creating reality shows that viewers compulsively tune into, goes Truth-It's argument, the corporations and the government can lull you into passivity.
  • A desire to appear as fragile and nonthreatening as possible: This hypothesis reflects the idea that female passivity and weakness are attractive to males.
  • Then the advocates of passivity regained the upper hand and kept the squadron in harbour, and henceforward for many months the Japanese navy lay unchallenged off Port Arthur, engaging in minor operations, covering the transport of troops to the mainland, and watching for the moment when the advance of the army should force the Russian fleet to come out.
  • It is only in a state of perfect passivity and repose that the soul can recognize and touch the primeval Being.
  • In these cases the activity of one of the gametes, and the passivity of the other, is regarded as evidence of incipient sex.