Sentence Examples

  • The logarithms introduced by Napier in the Descriptio are not the same as those now in common use, nor even the same as those now called Napierian or hyperbolic logarithms. The change from the original logarithms to common or decimal logarithms was made by both Napier and Briggs, and the first tables of decimal logarithms were calculated by Briggs, who published a small table, extending to 1000, in 1617, and a large work, Arithmetica Logarithmica, 1 containing logarithms of numbers to 30,000 and from 90,000 to Ioo,000, in 1624.
  • They are (low dimensional) groups which act as isometries on hyperbolic 3-space and generalize the Fuchsian groups in a natural way.
  • J. Ratcliffe, ' Foundations of hyperbolic manifolds ' (Springer).
  • There are other ways to model hyperbolic geometry on the flat plane.
  • In the case of supersonic flow the external region is governed by the hyperbolic equations.

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