Sentence Examples

  • The hyperbola which has for its transverse and conjugate axes the transverse and conjugate axes of another hyperbola is said to be the conjugate hyperbola.
  • The same name is also given to the first positive pedal of any central conic. When the conic is a rectangular hyperbola, the curve is the lemniscate of Bernoulli previously described.
  • The geometry of the rectangular hyperbola is simplified by the fact that its principal axes are equal.
  • That it is the first positive pedal of a rectangular hyperbola with regard to the centre.
  • Denoting them by x, y, so that AB is axis of y and a perpendicular through A the axis of x, and rationalizing (26), we have 2 ax 2 - V 2 Xy 2 - V 2 aAy = o, which represents a hyperbola with vertices at 0 and A.

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