Sentence Examples

  • If you use a free FTP site run by unscrupulous individuals or groups, you could be compromising your FTP server login details, so always be sure that you know who owns and runs the online FTP client that you're using.
  • Your method for doing this will depend on your blogging platform or software - sometimes you can upload images with the click of a button, while other platforms require you to FTP images to the server.
  • If you're away from home or away from your office and you can get access to a public computer network, like a library or a University, you could still connect to your web host via an FTP connection.
  • EasyPodder - Created for Windows and Linux, this is a one-stop shop for podcast production, generating RSS feeds (as .xml files), ID3 tags, and even providing an FTP tool for uploading your podcast.
  • If you ever need to transfer a file off of your web server or from any online FTP account, but you don't have access to your home PC with FTP software, then free FTP sites may be your only option.

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