Sentence Examples

  • If w is the weight of a locomotive in tons, r the radius of curvature of the track, v the velocity in feet per sec.; then the horizontal force exerted on the bridge is wv 2 /gr tons.
  • (12) Along the stream line xBAPJ, t ' =0, u=ae-" c bl, n; (13) and over the jet surface JPA, where the skin velocity is Q, - q = - Q, u = ae rs Q /m = ae rs lc, (14) ds denoting the arc AP by s, starting at u = a; a ' ch nS2=cos nB= -a' u u - - a b' (15) a l a - b l u - a' a-a' u-b' co > u = ae'" S " c > a, and this gives the intrinsic equation of the jet, and of curvature ds '&1) _ i dw i dw dS2 P= - dO = Q a0 - Q as2 = Q c u-b d (u -a.u -a') _ ?
  • A linear error in the spacing, and a general curvature of the lines, are eliminated in the ordinary use of a grating.
  • (2) A theorem relating to the apparent curvature of the geocentric path of a comet.
  • - This section of the Atlas, known to the inhabitants of Morocco by its Berber name, Idraren Draren or the " Mountains of Mountains," consists of five distinct ranges, varying in length and height, but disposed more or less parallel to one another in a general direction from south-west to north-east, with a slight curvature towards the Sahara.

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