Sentence Examples

  • The introduction of hyperbolic functions into trigonometry was also due to him.
  • The hyperbolic lemniscate has for its equation (x2 +y2)2 = a2x2 - b 2 y 2 or r 2 =a 2 cos 2 0 - b 2 sin 2 B.
  • The hyperbolic or Gudermannian amplitude of the quantity x is ta n (sinh x).
  • If 1 denotes the logarithm to base e (that is, the so-called "Napierian " or hyperbolic logarithm) and L denotes, as above, " Napier's " logarithm, the connexion between 1 and L is expressed by L = r o 7 loge 10 7 - 10 7 / or e t = I 07e-L/Ia7 Napier's work (which will henceforth in this article be referred to as the Descriptio) immediately on its appearance in 1614 attracted the attention of perhaps the two most eminent English mathematicians then living - Edward Wright and Henry Briggs.
  • The first logarithms to the base e were published by John Speidell in his New Logarithmes (London, 1619), which contains hYPerbolic log sines, tangents and secants for every minute of the quadrant to 5 places of decimals.