Sentence Examples

  • Squatting, the doe strained again and one hoof presented again, only to disappear again after the contraction ended.
  • Within seconds the one hoof was visible again and the doe was screaming in agony.
  • Carmen had Penny in the stanchion and was straddling her, trying to trim one hoof when the little doe simply lay down.
  • Imported column is given the weight of fresh (frozen) mutton and lamb imported, plus the estimated dead weight of the sheep imported on the hoof for slaughter.
  • UNGULATA, the name of an order of placental mammals in which the terminal joints of the toes are usually encased in solid hoofs or covered with broad hoof-like nails, while the molar (and not unfrequently some or all of the premolar) teeth have broad tuberculated crowns adapted for crushing vegetable substances.

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