Sentence Examples

  • There are rows of hieroglyphics on the sides and over the central design.
  • Champollion's first decipherment of hieroglyphics dates from 1821.
  • Dennis discovered an inscription in Hittite hieroglyphics attached to the figure of "Niobe" on Sipylus, and a similar inscription accompanies the figure (in which Herodotus, ii.
  • These monuments, which are found in Lydia, Phrygia, Cappadocia and Lycaonia, as well as in north and central Syria, point to the existence of a homogeneous civilization over those countries; they show a singularly marked style of art, and are frequently inscribed with a peculiar kind of hieroglyphics, engraved boustrophedon; and they originated probably from a great Hittite kingdom, whose kings ruled the countries from Lydia to the borders of Egypt.
  • The name of the oasis appears in hieroglyphics as and that of its capital as Hebi (the plough).

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