Sentence Examples

  • The highest grossing picture musical of its time was both a heartwarming and corny tale of two Army men who set off as a singing duo and ended up befriending two female singers along the way.
  • While many viewers found the show to be heartwarming and pleasant, critics blasted it for suggesting that all adoptees should want to reconnect with their birth parents.
  • Restaurant certificates, framed photos of the place they met or memorabilia of the college bring heartwarming memories and serve as a reminder of their beginning.
  • It can be heartwarming to see your little one serving tea and biscuits to her friends (stuffed and/or human), whether outside in a playhouse or in her own room.
  • We like the fact that Christmas decorating is a time for heartwarming surprises when relatives and friends unwrap vintage ornaments with engraved greetings.