Sentence Examples

  • He took a booth at the craft fair in order to peddle his handmade belts. 
  • If the cabinets in your price range aren't as decorative as you'd like, try adding an extra dash of personality to the room by displaying attractive wicker baskets, pretty bottles of vinegar, handmade pottery, or gleaming cooper cookware.
  • Sending an Internet card may be simple and you may think it's an easy way out of spending time searching for one, but be aware that some people do not place as much value on a e-card as they do on regular store bought or handmade cards.
  • Obviously, if you are inviting several hundred guests, this may not be a feasible option unless you enlist the help of several others, but creating a handmade wedding invitation can add a personal touch to your wedding celebration.
  • However, you can often combine punches in new and unusual ways to make several different accents from the same basic shape.Look at your collection of paper punches to see what ideas for making handmade greeting cards you can find.