Sentence Examples

  • He also wrote incidental music to Hamlet, a symphony, and other works.
  • Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1.
  • Near this hamlet on the coast of the Gulf of Mirabello in east Crete,t he American archaeologist MissHarriet Boyd hasexcavated a great part of another Minoan town.
  • Des Weltschmerzes (1876); Huber, Der Pessimismus (1876); von Golther, Der moderne P. (1878); Paulsen, Schopenhauer, Hamlet, Mephistopheles (1900); Kowalewski, Studien zur Psychologie des P. (1904).
  • These three suburbs - as well as the little hamlet of Demirtash, containing about Soo houses all occupied by Bulgars - are all built in the native fashion; but the, fifth suburb, Karagatch, which is on the right bank of the Maritza, and occupies the region between the railway station and the city, is Western in its design, consisting of detached residences in gardens, many of them handsome villas, and all of modern European type.