Sentence Examples

  • Hays is the only place in Kansas west of Rollins worth a snot.
  • Instead, the trail was an illogical hodgepodge of unrelated sequences that had skipped forward until evaporating someplace west of Hays, Kansas.
  • Fred had phoned a number of places in Rollins and Hays, Kansas the previous day but found no information on the disposal of the motor home.
  • Hays to be Postmaster-General was in the nature of payment of a political debt to the man who had been the successful manager of the Republican campaign, it was early justified by his efficient administration of the postal service.
  • Its first owners were Tweeddale Frasers or Frisels, from whom it passed, by marriage, to the Hays of Yester in Haddingtonshire, earls of Tweeddale.