Sentence Examples

  • Thorpe, 1848-1849); Eadmer, Historia novorum (ed.
  • Thorpe, Essays in Historical Chemistry (1902).
  • Thorpe, Journal of the Chemical Society, 1903, 8 3, p. 774; O.
  • It may be conveniently prepared by passing a rapid current of air over burning phosphorus contained in a combustion tube, and condensing the product in a metal condenser, from which it may be removed by heating the condenser to 50 0 -60° (Thorpe and Tutton, Jour.
  • Phosphorus tetroxide, P204, was obtained by Thorpe and Tutton by heating the product of the limited combustion of phosphorus in vacuo as a sublimate of transparent, highly lustrous, orthorhombic crystals.

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