Sentence Examples

  • Christmas cakes run the gamut from plain cakes decorated with red and green icing to fruitcake, Italian Panettone, and King Cake, which is served on the Epiphany to celebrate the arrival of the kings to the manger.
  • For example, try a fancy spin on ham (like prosciutto-wrapped melon?) for a spring fete, or a tasty fruitcake as your groom's cake around the holidays.
  • With just a little time, you will fall in love with this classic and add fruitcake to your collection of Christmas cake recipes.
  • No one will care that you bought slice-and-bake cookie dough or didn't bake Aunt Agatha's famous fruitcake recipe.
  • This Italian specialty is more like bread than cake and closer to fruitcake than any other Christmas treat.