Sentence Examples

  • Since you're writing about topics that are relevant to your local community and interacting with the people who live in your area, newspaper journalism definitely qualifies as one of the more enjoyable freelance opportunities available.
  • While many people are attracted to the independence and creative freedom associated with a freelance writing career, it's important to remember that a writing business is still a business just like any other entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Additionally, once you're established in your career and no longer feel the need to agree to every project that comes along, you may find that freelance writing provides a chance to get paid to research topics of personal interest.
  • In the offline world, many writers still prefer to turn to a career in freelance journalism, writing for a variety of media outlets or other offline opportunities including technical writing or other local freelance writing jobs.
  • It is published and overseen by professional writer Angela Hoy, who is the author of a number of books and ebooks on various topics of interest to individuals who are trying to earn a living providing freelance writing services.