Sentence Examples

  • Unfortunately, sometimes anonymous sources (photographers, personal assistants, stylists, and the like) tell paparazzi and media personalities about difficulties in the conception or about the celebrity's marriage and pregnancy.
  • Although it may be thought that Liparazzi was made for celebrities applying lip gloss in the back of a dark limousine before they are greeted by the paparazzi, the stars are not the only ones with Liparazzi in their makeup bags.
  • Shortly after the interview, she checked into a drug rehab center in Antigua for less than 24 hours, then returned to Los Angles, where she paid a visit to a hair salon and shaved her head in full few of the paparazzi.
  • Since she gained great notoriety as one of the co-stars of Friends, the paparazzi seem to have made it their priority to follow her around to catch as many of the Jennifer Aniston oops moments as possible on film.
  • Others have suggested that Suri's absence is in keeping with Scientology doctrine, which recommends that infants are kept in peaceful, quiet surroundings, and you know how much noise those paparazzi guys can make.