Sentence Examples

  • The devil-worshippers, at their sacrifices, slay the ox; and this the daevas favour, for they are foes to the cattle and to cattlebreeding, and friends to those who work ill to the cow.
  • Still flushed with their victory under Dundee, and animated by bitterest hatred of their Whiggamore foes, the Highlanders assaulted the position of the Covenanters, who were 1200 strong, with the most desperate valour.
  • Then, however, moved by fear of the emperor, who had passed through Siena two months before on his way to Rome, and who was about to halt there on his return, it tried to conciliate its foes by creating a fresh council of 150 riformatori, who replaced the twelve defenders by a new supreme magistracy of fifteen, consisting of eight popolani, four dodicini, and three noveschi, entitled respectively "people of the greater number," "people of the middle number," and "people of the less number."
  • Chaka between 1818 and 1820 ravaged the whole of what is now known as Natal, and after beating his foes in battle, butchered the women, children and old men, incorporating the young men in his impis.
  • He was one of the foremost foes of Piers, who had styled him "the black cur of Arden," and with whose death he was closely connected.

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