Sentence Examples

  • Thisconstant, now designated as Joules equivalent, is the principal experimental datum of the science of thermodynamics.
  • Measure is equivalent to 4.177 joules per calorie at 16.5° C., on the scale of Joule's mercury thermometer.
  • A Steady Current Of Liquid, Q Grammes Per Second, Of Specific Heat, Js Joules Per Degree, Flowing Through A Fine Tube, A B, Fig.
  • The unit of heat assumed in the table is the calorie at 20° C., which is taken as equal to 4.180 joules, as explained in the article Calorimetry.
  • The coefficients, P and P', are called coefficients of the Peltier effect, and may be stated in calories or joules per ampere-second.