Sentence Examples

  • From the chocks it hangs in a slight festoon over the bows, and is then passed inside the boat again; and some ten or twenty fathoms (called box-line) being coiled upon the box in the bows, it continues its way to the gunwale still a little further aft, and is then attached to the short-warp--the rope which is immediately connected with the harpoon; but previous to that connexion, the short-warp goes through sundry mystifications too tedious to detail.
  • Snap! the overstrained line sagged down in one long festoon; the tugging log was gone.
  • I was also captivated by the idea of a steel mesh stage with festoon lights under it.
  • And Jack is only too happy for a small fee, to allow them to festoon the place overnight with their ghost hunting equipment.
  • The room was tastefully decorated, and outside the premises hung a beautiful festoon containing a suitable motto.

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