Sentence Examples

  • The amount of improved farmland decreased in the same period 39.4%, decreasing even more since 1880 than earlier, and amounting in 1900 to no more than 25.1% of the area of the state; but this decrease has been compensated by increased value of products, especially since the beginning of intensive agriculture.
  • China pulled out all the stops, dividing its farmland into about twenty-five thousand collective farms with an average of five thousand households each.
  • At the Domesday Survey much of the land was still uncultivated, but its prosperity increased, and in 126 9 each of the twelve prebends of the collegiate church had a house and farmland within the parish.
  • In 1909 about 25% of the area was "cut over" or "burned over" lands, mostly the old pine woods, the region of the old hardwood forest was almost entirely farmland, and about 40% of the state was still in woods.
  • Of the total land surface of the state 82% was in 1900 included in farms and 68% of the farmland was improved.