Sentence Examples

  • There were treaties between states for the extradition of fugitives, and contracts of mutual assurance between individuals against their loss by flight.
  • He has also the almost mechanical function of representing the state for various formal purposes, such as demanding from other states the extradition of offenders, the issuing of writs for the election of members of the legislature and of members of the Federal House of Representatives, and the receiving of reports from various state officials or boards.
  • Extradition treaties are undertakings between states curtailing the exercise of the right of asylum in respect of refugees from justice, but the conditions therein laid down invariably show that nations regard the maintenance of this right of asylum as intimately connected with their right of independent action, however weak as states they may be, on their own soil.
  • Under this act powers are given to the secretary of state to make an order requiring an alien to leave the United Kingdom within a time fixed by the order and thereafter to remain outside the United Kingdom, subject to certain conditions, provided it is certified to him that the alien has been convicted of any felony or misdemeanour or other offence for which the court has power to impose imprisonment without the option of a fine, &c., or that he has been sentenced in a foreign country with which there is an extradition treaty, for a crime not being an offence of a political character.
  • There were disputes with Henry, who demanded the extradition of fugitive friars, which James refused.

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