Sentence Examples

  • Led to the devastation of the country and the expatriation of thousands of its inhabitants.
  • In spite of the admission of their co-religionists to high office in the government, the Mussulmans, it is true, still complained of continuous ill-treatment having for its object their expatriation; but these complaints were declared by Sir Edward Grey, in answer to a question in parliament, to be exaggerated.
  • Worse even than this was the system of wholesale expatriation adopted as a punishment for those who had shown a friendly attitude to the invading Serbian army.
  • The Protestant Reformation met an early and general welcome in Styria, but the dukes took the most stringent measures to stamp it out, offering their subjects recantation or expatriation as the only alternatives.
  • The religious reformation caused a considerable amount of expatriation, culminating in the expulsion of the Huguenots from France.

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