Sentence Examples

  • Darian and I were experimenting in the kitchen.
  • The animal most suitable for experimenting upon is the fowl, but other animals have been found to react.
  • In nine more days of experimenting he had arrived at the results described in his first series of "Experimental Researches" read to the Royal Society on the 24th of November 1841.
  • Soc., 1903, 71, 30), experimenting with wires of iron, steel and nickel, showed that in weak fields the change of resistance was proportional to a function a12-+b14-{-cl', where a, b and c are constants for each specimen.
  • Mr and Mrs Williston built up the industry of covering buttons with cloth, at first doing the work by hand, then (1827) experimenting with machinery, and in 1848 building a factory for making and covering buttons.